About Tectum Solutions Roofing-Flat Roof Repair Specialists


Tectum aim to deliver a permanent solution to the problems experienced by thousands of home owners with poorly performing traditional flat roofs.


Tectum is an experienced roofing company covering Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire with a long tradition in the roofing industry.


Although it is widely known that old felt and bitumous roof coverings are likely to split, bubble and leak, they have continued to be used because of the lack of alternatives. However now with advanced roofing systems it allows me to provide you with a permanent solution to these common problems.


Need a new flat roof? Get a roof that is guaranteed to last!


Flat roofs can be a real issue for some customers.

I pride myself on quality flat roofing works. After many years in the industry I am confident I can  now offer the top two solutions to flat roof problems. This enables me to deal with whatever flat roof a customer presents. Depending on the detail I will advise the right products.








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